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GCLS boasts a vibrant and diverse international student community. Gain insights into student life by exploring stories shared by some of our international postgraduates. Get to know their stories to discover what motivated these students to pursue studying longevity science, their application process experiences, and their enriching journey at GCLS.

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James, from China

" I found a great community at GCLS!"
At GCLS, our academic environment is teeming with brilliant and dedicated individuals who are truly passionate about longevity science. The culture of learning is exceptional, fostering an atmosphere where the exchange of knowledge is not only encouraged but integral to the educational experience. Engaging with such a community of intellects provides a unique opportunity to glean insights and expertise from peers, creating a rich and collaborative learning environment.

Mike, from the US

" I found a great community at GCLS!"
For me, GCLS was like entering a whole world of opportunities in longevity science. I got to be part of these awesome networking events where it wasn't just about learning but also connecting with industry pros. I mean, I actually experienced staying on top of the latest trends and innovations, not just reading about them. GCLS made the longevity science industry feel like my second home.

Thomas, from Germany

" Flexible and innovative - I can study and pursue my private and professional life."
I appreciate the flexibility of tailoring my study schedule to accommodate my social commitments while concurrently advancing my professional journey. The distance learning program at GCLS liberates me from restrictions, allowing me the privilege to engage in academic pursuits from any location and at any time. This adaptability provides me with the autonomy to seamlessly integrate education into my life on my own terms

Mariella, from Austria

" I am not IT expert, but GCLS distance learning is so easy and comfortable. "
I adoreGCLS distance learning, it's like having the classroom come to you – super flexible and totally modern. No need to stress about schedules; you can tackle your courses from wherever you're comfy. And the best part? You're not alone in this. Connecting with classmates, sharing ideas, and diving into cool projects—it's like bringing the campus vibe right to your living room. So, imagine learning about longevity science while in your PJs, sipping coffee, and chatting with peers from around the globe. That's the GCLS distance learning vibe – making the future of science feel closer than ever!