Safeguarding the Quality of Our Programs 

GCLS Quality

Quality management at Geneva College of Longevity Science (GCLS) is founded on the principles of the globally renowned Swiss academic standards and the pursuit of excellence across all facets of our institution. Our commitment to quality is underpinned by the following guiding principles:

  1. Embracing academic excellence and quality management as fundamental pillars of our success.
  2. Delivering and enhancing practical, industry-relevant education and research.
  3. Cultivating partnerships with both local and international stakeholders to enrich our academic ecosystem.
  4. Empowering student-centric learning and collaboration.
  5. Facilitating the collaborative creation of learning environments and content.
  6. Embracing and celebrating diversity as a defining characteristic of our community.
  7. Recognizing the value of cultural diversity and global perspectives as opportunities for growth.
  8. Nurturing a global mindset and fostering values of commitment, creativity, fairness, trust, and sustainability.

Our quality management system is tailored to the unique needs of a specialized institution like GCLS, focusing on systematic and continuous improvement across all operations. Anchored in the principles of total quality management, our system revolves around core processes such as Education (Learning and Research), Internationalization and Mobility, and Research, bolstered by supporting processes including infrastructure, information management, and human resources. Management processes integrate these core and support functions, orchestrating the planning and oversight of our academic and research endeavors, partnerships, and resource allocation.

Aligned with national Swiss regulations and European standards, our quality management system undergoes regular evaluation and adaptation to align with our strategic objectives and meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.