Pioneering Longevity Science

Mission Statement 

"As the first institute of higher education worldwide to focus exclusively on longevity science, the Geneva College of Longevity Science (GCLS) realizes the vision of establishing this revolutionary field of research as an academic discipline.

The mission of GCLS is to propel knowledge and educate students in the dynamic field of longevity science, a discipline crucial for addressing the challenges of the 21st century. Committed to advancing, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, GCLS collaborates with stakeholders to apply this knowledge to global longevity challenges. We are devoted to offering students an education that merges in-depth academic study with the thrill of discovery.

GCLS aims to instill in each community member the capacity and enthusiasm to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the advancement of human longevity. At GCLS, we don't just shape careers; we nurture experts with a global perspective. Welcome to an institution where academic excellence meets the forefront of longevity research.

Established in 2024, GCLS adheres to Swiss academic standards and is recognized under the framework of Swiss law, reinforcing its commitment to quality education. The college's commitment to excellence has established it as a leading institution in Switzerland and beyond, with a mission to shape careers and nurture well-rounded individuals." 

Dr. Dominik Thor, MSc

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What is Longevity Science?

Longevity science is an interdisciplinary field focused on scientific principles aimed at extending the human lifespan and promoting healthy ageing. It further examines the effects of longevity on individuals and communities, drawing on research from various disciplines, including biology, genetics, medicine, pharmacy, public health, nutrition, psychology, and sociology. This novel field of study addresses the biological mechanisms underlying ageing, modern diagnostics, preventative measures, and the treatment of age-related diseases, as well as interventions to achieve healthy longevity, ranging from lifestyle-oriented approaches to complex medical treatments, including both current and emerging technologies. It also explores how healthcare systems can adapt to support longevity, the societal impacts of this healthcare revolution, methods for financing this change, and ensuring that additional healthy years are spent as productive and happy members of the community. The ultimate goal of longevity science is to improve quality of life and increase the number of healthy, productive years individuals can enjoy through advancements in longevity knowledge.

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