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Embark on a transformative journey with the Executive Master of Science in Longevity at GCLS, unlocking your potential to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of longevity science. Gain confidence, master cutting-edge knowledge, and emerge as a certified professional equipped with the skills and expertise to make an immediate impact in your field from day one.

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GCLS Admissions Process

As you think about enrolling in the Executive Master of Science in Longevity programme at Geneva College of Longevity Science you’ll likely have questions about the admissions process. Your dedicated contact will help to answer all of them. The first step for admission to our programme is to submit an online application and provide us with the required information as shown below.

Enrollment Support

Once you apply, you'll talk through the requirements of the EMSc Longevity programme with an GCLS Enrollment Services Advisor.

Provide Transcripts

During the application students will have to upload proof of a qualifying first degree such as a bachelor's degree, diploma or high school diploma.

Personal documents

Provide a CV and a personal statement, that highlights the student's work experience in the context of longevity science or discusses their goals.

Language Requirements

Sufficient English language skills are required. It is the responsibility of students to self-assess and ensure proficiency.
Your Next Steps to Study at GCLS

Where Do I Start?


Familiarize yourself with the EMSc Longevity programme.

Explore our introduction of GCLS' Executive Master of Science in Longevity (EMSc Longevity) programme. Assess whether the program aligns seamlessly with your personal interests and ambitions in the dynamic landscape of the longevity industry.


Check the programme's prerequisites. 

Review the entry requirements detailed on the study programme page to ensure that your qualifications align with the necessary criteria for admission. 


Think about funding.

Take the time to carefully consider the various funding options available to cover the tuition costs of your Executive Master of Science (EMSc) programme.


Prepare to apply.

Gather the necessary documentation to verify your eligibility for the program, including evidence of a qualifying first degree. Additionally, prepare a comprehensive resume and CV highlighting a minimum of three years of relevant work experience in longevity science or a related field.


Start your application.

Read through our application guide and your program page to ensure you submit all the required documents and information when applying. To initiate your application, click on APPLY NOW in the top menu.

Ready to Apply?

Dive into a transformative educational journey with our Executive Master of Science in Longevity program at GCLS. This is your opportunity to explore the cutting-edge frontier of longevity science. Elevate your expertise, seize the chance to register, and position yourself for success in a rapidly advancing field. Your next professional milestone awaits!