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GCLS' Executive Master of Science in Longevity (EMSc Longevity) is a distance learning master's programme that covers a wide range of topics related to the science and practice of longevity. It aims to empower professionals in the space by providing them with opportunities to deepen their knowledge through academic education, thereby enhancing their credibility and authenticity within the field. Its curriculum has been designed for practitioners seeking to deepen their comprehension of longevity interventions and financial and policy decision-makers aiming to acquire the expertise necessary for informed future decisions. Students attend the programme via GCLS’ online study platform, which offers them the possibility to continue their education in the most flexible and effective manner. The programme adopts a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, covering state-of-art scientific findings associated with ageing, health, and longevity. It serves as a catalyst for elevating professional excellence and prepares graduates for leadership roles in the landscape of longevity-related work.

Academic degree

Executive Master of Science in Longevity; EMSc Longevity (GCLS)

Period of study

2 Semesters (12 Months); 60 ECTS credits



Study format

Distance Learning, Flexible Part-Time

Tuition fee

25.000 CHF

About Us

Geneva College of Longevity Science

Geneva College of Longevity Science (GCLS) is the first institute of higher education focusing entirely on longevity science. It is situated amidst Geneva’s impressive array of international organisations, which for centuries have been shaping the city’s rich history. GCLS has been founded on the principles of the globally renowned Swiss academic standards. We believe in empowering our students with not just knowledge but the ability to identify and solve scientific challenges in real-world scenarios. Our commitment to scientific rigor, practical relevance, international collaboration, and personal development forms the foundation of our study programme.

Why choose GCLS? 

Be part of the First Institute of Higher Education Dedicated Entirely to Longevity Science.
Benefit from Flexible Distance Learning combined with In-person Workshops and Networking Events.
Top Quality and Excellence in Education Thanks to the Globally Renowned Swiss Academic Standards.

Is the Executive Master of Science in Longevity programme offered entirely through distance learning?

Yes, the program is designed for professionals and offers a fully online, distance learning format. This allows you to pursue your studies without the need to relocate, providing flexibility for working professionals.

What are the admission requirements for the programme?

Admission requirements include a qualifying first degree such as a bachelor's degree or diploma, professional experience, and adequate English language skills. Please refer to the programme page for specific details and eligibility criteria.

How is the online learning experience facilitated?

The program utilizes a state-of-the-art online learning platform, offering a combination of live virtual classes, interactive discussions, and self-paced study materials. You'll have access to experienced faculty and collaborate with fellow students through virtual classrooms.

Can I continue working while enrolled in the Executive Master's program?

Absolutely. The program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. The flexible structure allows you to balance your work commitments with your academic studies, making it ideal for those who wish to advance their careers while pursuing higher education.

What types of support services are available to online students?

Online students have access to a range of support services, including academic advising, technical support, and virtual library resources. Additionally, there are opportunities for networking, and you'll be part of a community that fosters collaboration and engagement among distance learners.

Become a Pioneer

Why study Longevity Science?

Longevity science encompasses research aimed at curing and preventing the diseases and disabilities associated with aging, while also addressing the accumulated damage in our bodies that results from the aging process. Its objective is to enhance the overall quality of life and establish the foundation for healthy aging among all individuals. Longevity science intersects with various aspects of society, economics, research, and ethics, making it increasingly relevant for individuals, communities, and policymakers worldwide.

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1.  Become a Leading Pioneer in Longevity Science.

Embark on the groundbreaking journey of longevity science and learn all about the new technologies that will reshape the future of human health and lifespan. GCLS' academic program provides students with unique insights into this cutting-edge research field and prepares them for pioneering roles in the longevity industry.

2. Foster the Cross-Sector Integration of Longevity Advancements.

Increased lifespans drive innovation, influencing product development, financial planning, and technological advancements. Become a longevity expert, facilitating the integration of longevity advancements across diverse sectors. Support longevity's transformative impact across diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, technology, and beyond.

3. Advance your Career.

Elevate your career with our executive-level study programme in longevity science, which has been designed to provide professionals with a competitive edge through advanced skills and knowledge. Whether aiming for leadership roles or seeking professional growth, the EMSc Longevity programme unlocks new opportunities and enhances your professional trajectory.

Join Our Inaugural GCLS Semester Symposium!

Join international healthy longevity experts, leading physicians, GCLS faculty members and fellow students for two days filled with insightful exchanges, live classes, panel discussions and networking opportunities. This in-person event will take place in Geneva, Switzerland at the Hotel Warwick Geneva****, a fantastic venue for our gathering. This unique opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the dynamic environment of longevity science to connect with fellow students, faculty members, and industry professionals.

Register now to secure your spot and be part of this enriching experience!
When: October 18-19, 2024
Where: WARWICK GENEVA****, Rue de Lausanne 14, 1201 Geneva

Attendance is free for GCLS faculty and students. External guests pay a ticket price that covers the costs associated with attendance, including meals and beverages, for the duration of the two-day event. Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and covering the cost of accommodation.

GCLS Semester Symposium Agenda

Friday Oct. 18th, 2024

The Future of Longevity Medicine: Clinical Strategies and Best Practices

8:30-9:00 Welcome Coffee

9:00-9:15 "Opening Remarks by GCLS President"
Dr. Dominik Thor, MSc

9:15-10:00 Keynote ”The Importance of a College of Longevity Science: Why Now?
David Barzilai

10:00-10:30 "Implementing Longevity Interventions in Clinical Practice" Andrea Gartenbach

10:30-11:00 "Practical Longevity Medicine"
Orel Swenson

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:00 "Longevity Real Estate - Connecting Smart Homes to Clinics"
Fady Hannah-Shmouni

12:00-12:45 Panel Discussion "The Future of Longevity Medicine"

12:45-14:00 Lunch Break

Innovations in Longevity Science: From Genetic Insights to Precision Health

14:00-14:30 "A Path to Personalised Longevity"
Milena Georgieva

14:30-15:00 "High-Throughput Proteomics: Unlocking the Secrets of Aging"
Sarantis Chlamydas 

15:00-15:30 "Epi-Proteomic Profiling Platform for the Molecular Assessment of Lifestyle and Age-Related Implications
Moritz Völker-Albert

15:30-16:00 "Unraveling genetically encoded mechanisms of human longevity using computational and experimental approaches"
Joris Deelen

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:00 "Advancing Precision Health and Healthcare: Translational Approaches to RNA Biomarkers and Therapeutics in Aging and Related Diseases"
mela Jusic

17:00-17:30 "Supplements, Drugs and Longevity"
Yu-Xuan Lyu

17:30-18:15 Panel Discussion "Innovations in Longevity Science

18:15-18:30 Closing Remarks Day 1

19:00-22:00 Buffet Dinner & Networking

Saturday Oct. 19th, 2024

Bridging Longevity: From Policy to Market

8:30-9:00 Welcome Coffee

9:00-9:30 Keynote "Market Opportunities in Longevity"
Thilo Kaltenbach

9:30-10:00 "Are We Living in a Death-phobic Culture?"
Ingemar Patrick Linden

10:00-10:30 "Longevity Economics: Impact on Insurance and Pension Industries"
Douglas Anderson

10:30-11:00 "Longevity Public Policy"
Alyaa Al Mulla

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:00 "From Concept to Reality: Challenges and Opportunities in Bringing a Longevity Mindset to Market"
Dorsa Jalaei

12:00-12:45 Panel Discussion "Bridging Longevity: Enacting Policy and Engaging Markets

12:45-14:00 Lunch Break

Exploring the Biological Frontiers of Aging and Longevity

14:00-14:30 "HIF–1 alpha and Longevity"
Andrea Pagani

14:30-15:00 "Role of Muscle in Aging"
David Church

15:00-15:30 "Neuroscience Perspectives on Longevity"
Maryam Sadeghi

15:30-16:00 "Neurodegenerative Disorders & Aging"
Sabine Krofczik-Wilhelm

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:00 "Stress, Brain Health and Longevity Medicine"
Luiza Spiru

17:00-17:30 "How old Matrix kills us"
Alexander Fedintsev

17:30-18:15 Panel Discussion "Biological Mechanisms Affecting Longevity

18:15-18:30 Closing Remarks Day 2

19:00-22:00 Gala Dinner & Networking

Insights from Our Lecturers.

The Executive Master of Science in Longevity is distinguished by its rigorous academic curriculum, drawing on cutting-edge research. Our faculty is committed to delivering a programme that equips professionals with the depth of knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of longevity science.

PD Dr. Dr. Dominik Duscher
The master's programme curriculum has been crafted to bridge theory and real-world application, preparing students to address current challenges in longevity science. The programme's industry-focused approach ensures graduates are well-equipped for impactful contributions in their professional domains.
Dr. Andrea Pagani
Our distance learning program is meticulously crafted with an unwavering dedication to excellence. Through an innovative online platform, it offers an immersive and interactive educational journey. This guarantees students a top-tier academic education while enjoying unparalleled flexibility.

Dr. Dominik Thor, MSc
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